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  The heat exchangers designed, built and sold by CPHEX on today's market are the end result of thirty years of dedicated and constant product development. CPHEX is the one of the most famous plate heat exchangers brand in European market .

  Since its foundation, CPHEX has constantly conducted research to optimize the heat exchanger process and to ensure the leak-free operating capabilities of its products under the most demanding, high-pressure conditions. Today , CPHEX heat exchangers has been widely used in various fields such as mechanical, food, chemical plant, metallurgy, energy recovery and HVAC etc.

  CPHEX `s main heat exchanging departments based in UK and CANADA was recombined in 2005 , as a result , its heat exchangers can widely cover with liquid C liquid , gas C liquid , gas C gas `s capacious fields .the continuous heat exchanging research and innovation make us get the sufficient capacity to offer the clients the satisfied quality products and the better before & after-sales technical service .

  Nowadays, CPHEX¨s main product includes : plate heat exchangers , volume type heat exchanger series , heat exchanger unit , pressure vessel series , gas heat exchanger (fuel economizer etc) , pure water cooling device , pasteurization units , seawater desalination unit and cleaner series etc

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